Bob Alford
Bob Alford's Fundraiser

Help the VFC in Q1 at no cost to you

Receive tax credits on your AZ Income Tax

$0 towards $10,000

2018 was an outstanding year for the VFC. We met all our goals and are well on our way to implementing our new business model

We have aggressive goals for 2019 as we complete our transition to all new furniture and household goods.

To achieve them we will need your help. The first quarter of 2019 will be especially challenging. While we have applied for several grants, even if we receive that funding, it won't be available until later in the year. Therefore, we will need as much support from individuals as possible.

Tax season is upon us. The VFC is now a Qualified Charitable Organization registered with the Arizona Department of Revenue. Up to $800 per couple and $400 per individual of your donations to the VFC may be claimed as a tax credit against your Arizona Income Tax. Note that this is a credit, not a deduction. That means you subtract the applicable amount from what you owe in income tax. In other words, you get your donation back! You must owe the tax to get the donation.

The Board members and some of our volunteers and supporters have begun a peer to peer campaign to make our friends and neighbors aware of the tax credit availability and ask them to donate what they owe in AZ income tax, up to $800 per couple, to the VFC, and then apply the tax credits to their income tax return. The net cost to them is zero and they will be supporting our efforts to transition veterans who have suffered from homelessness into permanent housing.

We ask your help. Please donate today. Click on the donate button to use your credit card, or if you would prefer to write a check, click here to download our donation form nwith instructions on how to make out the check and who to sejnd it to.

It's easy and it's fun. We will provide everything you need, and you will be helping the VFC and our needy veterans at no cost to you. Please join us in this effort!

If you have not seen our video, Veterans on the Streets of America, a link to it is provided below. It will help you explain the VFC to your friends and make the fundraising easier.